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Pay it Forward: Happy Hyper Hugh

(Excerpted from Powder Magazine, June 26, 2014, by Julie Brown.)

As skiers, we make friends easily. We all share the same mind, the same values, the same stoke. We ski together, drink together, and sleep on each other’s couches. We all know each other.

In that vein, I’m starting an interview series. My aim is to find the guy or girl in every single ski town, everywhere. And the next guy, and the next girl after that. The catch: Each person I interview will recommend the person I talk to next. It’s a journey. We’ll see where it takes us.

While thinking about whom should be my first interview, I came across this photo, a guy in a business suit straightlining an air over a bunch of rocks. I wanted to talk to this skier, and eventually I found Hugh Gren, 44, of Enumclaw, Washington. Known as Hyper Hugh, he is probably the happiest skier on the planet.

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dirtbag-skierPowder Magazine

What Happened to the Dirtbag Skier?

(Excerpted from Powder Magazine, May 19, 2014, by Porter Fox.)

This story is supposed to start with “I remember,” so I’ll just start with that. I remember when we used to wear garbage bags to ski in the rain. I remember when CB Sports made the most waterproof winter jackets on the planet and they weren’t even close to waterproof. I remember skiing in boots way too big and skis too small. And it wasn’t just me. Most everyone on the slope around me had a duct tape patch somewhere on their outfit.

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